Hallgeir Homstvedt_doverail shelf mirror_1.jpg


MATERIALS: Oak, Mirror, Brass

DIMENSIONS: 6"w x 1"d x 14"h  


The Doverail derives from the Shakers form-language and other wall hung objects seen at the shaker village. The rail is simply hung on the wall with one screw and is intended for the modern home where the shaker peg-rail is no longer common. The dove-tail shaped rail allows for vertical adjustment of the mirror or shelves through the turn of a brass knob, giving the product a flexible nature. Simple geometric shapes in combination with natural materials gives the product a light yet strong character.



MATERIALS: Oak, Brass  

DIMENSIONS: 15"W X 9"D x 35.5"h


Hallgeir Homstvedt_doverail shelf mirror_3.jpg

Hallgeir Homstvedt_toolbox_1.jpg



MATERIALS:  Oak, Walnut

DIMENSIONS:   4"h x 15"w x 6"d


The Shakers have many innovative and well known solutions for storage in the home and for their own production facilities. This toolbox is inspired by Shaker chest of drawers that often had oversized knobs for ergonomic and esthetic reasons. Designed for the modern day architect or designer, the toolbox functions as a desktop organizer with a large knob- handle that makes it conveniently portable. The toolbox is made from solid beech, chosen for its density and even grain structure.

Hallgeir Homstevdt drop leaf bench.jpg



MATERIALS: Oak, Wool fabric

DIMENSIONS: 17"H x 55"w X 15"d


For the third Furnishing Utopia show I wanted to create a flat pack design knowing that I needed ship the product from Norway To NYC, but also as a contemporary approach to this project. The Drop Leaf Bench utilizes the overhanging seat pad for lateral support and is inspired by the variety of joinery and construction techniques used by the Shakers.

The upholstered wool seat has two textile hinges that fold down in assembly to fixate the massive oak legs. The bench is composed of 4 parts that assemble with with sliding dovetails and only 4 screws.



MATERIALS: Cork, walnut or oak

DIMENSIONS: 10.5"H x 10.5"w X 13"d


The one chore I do most frequently is tidying the apartment in the form of putting things back where they belong – laundry, dishes, sorting recycling into different bins, etc. Having the proper tools, like a dedicated paper bin in the office, makes these chores that much more enjoyable. I was drawn to the cork fabric material because of its natural look and its properties. To better control the shape of the paper bin, wooden splines were inserted in the top and bottom, giving it a perfectly round footprint, and while seen from the side it has a softer and more textile character. The handle is a reference to Shaker buckets and baskets.

Hallgeir_Homstvedt _cork bucket 2.jpg


COMPANY / Hallgeir Homstvedt  

DESIGNERS / Hallgeir Homstvedt




Hallgeir Homstvedt set up his own design studio in 2009, focusing on furniture, interior and product design. In part of establishing an independent Studio, Hallgeir exhibited his work in London, Tokyo, Oslo, New York & Milan. Among his clients are renowned Norwegian and international furniture manufacturers like; Lexon, Muuto, Menu, L.K.Hjelle, Hem and Established & Sons. Hallgeir has broad experience working with interior and product design and has designed more that 10 brands stores across Europe for the sporting brand Norrøna.