MATERIALS: aluminium, polypropylene, rubber

DIMENSIONS: 14.5"L x 21"w x 36.5"H


The design of the Wandering Planter started with a hand truck. A hand truck is a funny object because in spite of its completely utilitarian intention, its design language is more related to furniture than a hardware store tool. The object is almost always reduced to a Bauhaus-like tubular form and designed to perform a single specific function. It seemed natural to translate this already very handsome archetype for use in the domestic space. Of course, there are really only a small number of domestic chores that require the mechanical advantage that a hand truck offers, the most backbreaking of all being the moving of plants.


Jamie_Wolfond_Wandering Planter.jpg


DESIGNERS / jamie wolfond

LOCATION / toronto, canada


Jamie Wolfond is a Canadian designer based in Toronto and New York. Wolfond's work explores the ways in which manufacturing can influence the design process. Often centered around one material or production method, the objects Wolfond designs expose new applications for pre-existing manufacturing techniques. Wolfond founded Good Thing in 2014.