MATERIALS: unglazed earthenware, cork

DIMENSIONS: 12"l X 10.5"W X 31.5"H


Fresh, drinkable water is still considered a luxury in most parts of the world, as well as a chore to retrieve and filter. Major corporations have made the situation worse, instilling a distrust of water safety and creating a plastic atrocity. Drinking safe water should not be considered a luxury, much less create an environmental disaster in the process. Our typology evaluates the daily routine by using a centuries-old process to keep water cool and clean. We propose a portable 2-liter earthenware jug that will lower the water temperature 13°C in one hour, keeping it fresh throughout the day, and an activated charcoal to remove toxins.



COMPANY / Office for design

DESIGNER / Shane Schneck

LOCATION / Stockholm, sweden


Office for Design was founded in 2010 by American industrial designer Shane Schneck in Stockholm. The studio bridges the world of design and technology in a desire to challenge industry standards and discover new solutions to contemporary living, be they a plywood chair or next-generation mobile device. The studio since its opening has been honored by Wallpaper magazine, International Forum Hannover and Guldstolen, as well as being collected by companies such as Google and Skype.