MATERIALS: Stained Beech Wood, PVC, coated line

DIMENSIONS: 23.25"L X 23.25"W X 52.75"H


Extra Hand is both a room divider and additional wall space. The three-legged wooden construction is a pragmatic assembly of straight and bent dowels, creating a stable extra armature to hang and expose the essential kitchen tools. Instead of hiding things in a drawer, Extra Hand celebrates the beauty of the everyday object by displaying it and making it easily available. Hooks and the ends of the dowels, sticking out from the sides of the structure, are a handy place for all tools to be within reach. Extra Hand Laundry is a further version of the original, with an added PVC clothesline to dry laundry.

shigeki_fujishiro_carpet tile basket 2.jpg


COMPANY / Studio Greiling

DESIGNERS / Katrin Greiling

LOCATION / Berlin, Germany


Katrin Greiling is a furniture designer, interior architect and photographer based in Berlin. Since 2005 she’s developed products, furniture and interiors for a vast number of clients. Studio Greiling initially started in Stockholm and settled in Berlin in 2013 after years of exploring the world, including three years spent in the UAE. Greiling's trained eyes are observing and translating common proximities into functional objects and imagery, always including a playful and provoking dialogue with the user.