MATERIALS: Beech Wood, aluminium

DIMENSIONS: 12.25"L X 12.25"W X 12.25"H


Taking inspiration from traditional wooden buckets, this project has aimed to investigate different techniques and create my own iteration. Not necessarily trying to make the bucket more rational or easier to manufacture, but rather exploring the aesthetics of the joinery and the materials in an object that has been used for centuries. Chores are a necessity, and when we have to execute them with cheap, impersonal utilities the task is avoided. Staver is a three-dimensional sketch that is trying to make the chores associated with it more inspiring. The slats that wooden buckets traditionally consist of are simplified and the attention is paid to the joining of these. Like a wooden hinge or rotation axis, the round profiles act like a keystone in an arch, functioning as the connector, handle and decoration of the piece.

Sverre Uhnger_Staver Bucket.jpg
Sverre Uhnger_portrait.jpg


COMPANY / Uhnger

DESIGNERS / Sverre Uhnger

LOCATION / Oslo, Norway


Sverre Uhnger is a trained craftsman and educated designer from Bergen National Academy of Art and Design and Aalto University. Uhnger focuses on creating products that feel natural to the user and where the inherent qualities of the materials and the production techniques are emphasized. He is one of the three founding members of Klubben and works actively with exhibitions, curating and consulting. Located in Oslo since 2011, Uhnger specializes in furniture and product design and has designed objects for Mitab (SE), Brdr. Krüger (DK) and Magnor (NO), among others.