MATERIALS: Stained solid wood and lacquered steel

DIMENSIONS: 240"h x 532"w x 126"d, seat 181"h


The Dwell bench is inspired by the Shakers' ideological approach to design, making their furniture a physical expression of their guiding principles. The ideals of order, union and purity are reflected in balance, scale and simplicity. Balance in the form of symmetry, scale with sensibility to the users and surroundings to which it relates, simplicity in form and honest use of materials. The rational construction, functionality and lines of the Dwell bench are a tribute to these timeless values.

Vera & Kyte - Dwell blue.jpg


MATERIALS: Stained solid wood and lacquered steel

DIMENSIONS: 264"h x 98"w


‘Beat it’ is a contemporary interpretation of the original carpet beaters made by the American Shakers in the 19th Century. The Shakers believed in “That which has in itself the highest use possess the greatest beauty." This philosophy highlights the beauty in commonly overlooked everyday objects. With ‘Beat it’ the aesthetic value of a useful, and simple tool can be brought into the modern home.

Vera and Kyte Beat it carpet beater.jpg

vera&kyte_Cooper Boxes.jpg


MATERIALS: Stained solid Ash

DIMENSIONS: 11"H X 6.25"w X 8.25"H, 18"H x 4.75"W X 4.75"H


Keeping things tidy and organized is a never-ending chore. Order is essential, and things must return to their proper place. Inspired by the Shaker devotion to order, these wall-hung units provide household objects with a dedicated place. The units are made to accommodate the small items and utensils that are commonly misplaced. Their form originates from the finely crafted wooden buckets, baskets and boxes of the Shaker community. The barrel principle is used for a rational and efficient construction..



COMPANY / Vera & Kyte

DESIGNERS / Vera Kleppe & Åshild Kyte

LOCATION / Bergen, Norway


Vera & Kyte is a scandinavian design studio based on Norway’s west coast, comprising Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte. The studio was established in 2013 after graduating from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Since then their work has been exhibited, and acclaimed, internationally. Their work is characterised by an analytical approach, and a shared enthusiasm for exploring new materials, methods and aesthetics. Drivenby curiosity and passion they work within the fields of furniture, product and graphic design.