MATERIALS: White Oak, Horse hair

Zoe Mowat_Brush Studies_4.jpg


Round Brush: 3.75" w x 3.5" d x 11" h
Slim Brush: 2.75" w x 1.25" d x 10.75" h
Large Brush: 4.5" w x 2.25" d x 11" h
Short Brush: 4" w x 2.5" d x 5.5" h


The Shakers excelled at their craft in the production of tools, best exemplified in their brushes and brooms, of which they made many for very different purposes. The brush study series examines and explores the forms, materials and various functions of specific Shaker brushes, providing a contemporary interpretation of the original works.

Each brush handle is colour-coded in shades from the traditional Shaker palette in order to define and identify its particular function and intended location. This is a method very much in line with the Shakers’ approach to objects, which ensured that everything was always in its place.



Zoe Mowat Rung rack.jpg

DIMENSIONS : 30:w x 4–60"d x 53"h


The Rung Rack is a simple folding storage rack that references the rungs or crossbars of a ladder’s step. Inspired by the lines of an original apple picking ladder made by the Shakers and found at the Hancock Shaker Village archives, the versatile piece is ideal as a clothing rack, a room divider, or a simple store-all for textiles and magazines.

The ends of the ash dowels are notched to form additional hooks and the numerous crossbars provide ample surface for draping storage. The central pivot allows the rack to sit open at various spans, including fully extended to lean flat against a wall, or folded completely closed for storage. However, the Rung Rack takes a cue from the Shaker approach to objects in the home and is designed to be on view, close at hand, and not hidden away.



MATERIALS: Aluminium

DIMENSIONS: 18"L x 6.5"w x 11"H


The Beau Travail Toolbox was designed for those who need a basic to comprehensive set of tools for various projects and general upkeep around the home. Tasks such as installing a shelf or simply hanging a picture frame on the wall can become more challenging than necessary if the tools required for the job are not well-organized in one easy-to-find destination (random nails and screws in mason jars, a hammer hidden under the sink, a screwdriver with missing attachments, for example). Beau Travail, or "good work," is a colorful solution that encourages just that. It includes a larger compartment and two removable stacking storage trays for organizing smaller tools and hardware, and it can easily be displayed on a shelf if desired.



COMPANY / Zoë Mowat Design





Zoë Mowat operates Zoë Mowat Design, a studio in Montreal, Canada, that focuses on furniture and objects. Zoë’s approach is a sculptural and intuitive exploration of color, material, form and texture that is counterbalanced by a curiosity and desire to create functional objects that can be enjoyed and that can endure.